Music Submissions

I am always happy to find good new music, but please realize that I receive copy-paste style messages every day asking me to add music to my playlist, so don’t be offended if I miss your email or never reply. I can only suggest you try to be a little thoughtful, and you’ll easily stand out from the rest.

In general, it is easiest if you select 1 or 2 tracks that you think best fit the vibe here, and provide a streaming link. Bandcamp, Spotify, Dropbox… doesn’t matter so long as I don’t have to download it first… I’ll ask for downloads if I like it.

That’s all my advice… Good luck with your promotional efforts!

[contactmonger textarea=’Message’ subject=’ASP Submission’ subscribe=’This music does not have beats or prominent piano or other potentially distracting foreground elements—I believe it really would fit this station’]