Did you know? We released our 3rd compilation CD 5 years ago already! It’s a free / name-your-price download here.

[logo] Internet Radio pouring out uninterrupted Music for Sleep, taking Naps, and other more wakeful Tranquil Moments

Ambient Sleeping Pill is an internet radio stream playing the best music for sleeping, taking naps, tuning out distractions at work, meditating, or simply relaxing.
Ad-free, beat-free, never too new-age or dark.

Want something a bit brighter for the mornings?  Try our sister station a.m. ambient.

We also run a record label called Stereoscenic with free/donation compilation albums.

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How to Listen

The easiest way to listen is click the triangle in the black strip near the top of this page.

Any app with an internet radio directory should also have Ambient Sleeping Pill listed (iTunes, TuneIn, Xiia).

Alternatively, here are the direct links to the playlist files. You can download/open (or copy/paste) in your player of choice.

Standard quality (128 MP3)High quality (256 MP3)

If you’re having any trouble, please get in touch using the form on this page.

Spotify Users: you can earn money for the artists simply by looping the Spotify playlist.